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A New Year and New You!  REACH YOUR GOALS.

CONGRATULATIONS!! To everyone for their 2020 resolutions made or goals you have set to reach for a healthier and successful year.

We want to take this opportunity to reach out to our amazing clients and supporters who have entrusted us with their 2019 health goals to be an integral part of their journeys through life changes. We are so proud to support you all along the way. Many have followed our recommendations and SUCCEEDED in their health and weight loss goals in 2019! Absolutely LIFE CHANGING RESULTS. Know that YOU did all the hard work, we just coached you along the way.

Cheers! 2020 brings us to a whole new level on everyones individual journey. A leap year, gives us an extra day in February to push for that extra pound loss, holidays and your life will align perfectly. This WILL BE the perfect year! It is all in how you view the glass.

The most valuable information we can share with you to start this year off right is "How you envision yourself by the end of 2020 and attitude in the process". Much like the old true saying goes "you are what you eat"; "Attitude and perception guides you on the journey" will have an impact on your daily, weekly, monthly and year outcome. Yes, there may be challenges along the way but, you CAN overcome each and every one of them through perseverance! If you are on the weight loss journey, there may be ups and downs and flat line areas, this is part of the process so stay "positive" and know if you are working hard at this goal, you CAN reach it and WILL reach it. Your diet is the outcome.

How will you reach this goal of weight loss or a healthier you (reduce risk of diabetes etc.) to look and be your best? Here is a suggestion to mentally focus you on that goal:

Make a list of all the things you want to do that may challenge you today = health goals to achieve. Post this list in a location you see every morning when you are up such as your bathroom or refrigerator. Look at it every day, see yourself reaching the goal item on the list. When you reach the goal place a check mark or happy face next to it. Feel that positive energy flow! Embrace the changes going on in and around you.

Be GRATEFUL for each day rather than negative on the haves and have nots. Just when you believe you have it really bad, there is someone out there who has it worse! Attitude is everything and being grateful for all the small things in life is what will help change your path.

Whatever your health challenge may be, realize YOU can change it to be the best you can be within your unique scope by attitude and gratefulness! For example: be thankful every day you CAN see, hear, eat, taste, walk, sleep in a warm bed, have a roof over your head, people who love you, friends, a bike, car, clothes to wear, shoes to walk in, water to drink, YOUR HEALTH! Some have hardly what is listed around the world.

Food for thought to start the year on the right foot! You have everything in the world when you have your HEALTH! A price that is invaluable through time. LIFE is a gift! If you have developed or sustained some bad habits due to depression, events in life, or hereditary and are challenged to overcome them alone (lack of self-discipline) such as quit smoking, drinking alcohol, eating disorders etc. know there is help and support available either through our organization AHCA, LLC or ask your physician for direction.

Every one of us as a human has room for improvement in some area of our life and require realignment of directions, our LIFE road map. Create your "Life Road Map" today and enjoy the journey along the way!

Happy New Year to you make it a great 2020 and New Improved You!

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