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Coronavirus Vigilance & Preparedness

Virus (aka COVID19) hits U.S.A. in February 2020

For years we have had Virus's and Flu among our populations, such as the H1N1 Swine Flu that hit the U.S. years ago, never was there this mass media attention for an outbreak. Really? Did it harm this many people. NO. The key to anything is DO NOT PANIC! Fear = bad decision making. We have so many who die from regular influenza flu each year. This is just another tough strain of a virus that spreads quickly as we have obviously seen in a week. I believe mostly because many have gone undetected without symptoms and are carriers of this virus. We NEVER know.

Be cautious and follow the old simple rules. Be vigilant! Be considerate of others and their well being and protect yourself and family, lay low. Eat right! High antioxidant foods. Masks DO NOT protect you, we do not recommend this method, yet if it makes you feel better then have at it! In fact summary Masks "suppress" your body's oxygen intake and will suppress your immune systems further. Therefore we believe it is NOT the best for your health especially if you are outside, you need AIR! O2!

So how do you overt a virus? Take measures to assure your hands are ALWAYS clean! This should be a regular hygiene anyway, yet many take it for granted. GOLDEN RULE! IF YOU ARE SICK STAY HOME! Although with this virus you could be a carrier and not even be aware you have it! It's best to steer clear of elderly and those with weak immunity EAT WELL. Eat your vegetable greens and pump up your best ammo, the immune system! Beef up your Zinc and Vitamin D3 for optimal Immune Health and of course Vitamin C. As with anything, do it in moderation as directed on the label. More is not always best and may have adverse affects.

GET PLENTY OF REST. Sleep at least 8 hours a day. Exercise. Drink plenty of water! Flush your system. Wear a mask if you personally feel you need to in public areas (if you are sick), your own and family well being are at risk if YOU are not vigilant! People need to realize common courtesy for others well being.

Herein is a Preparation List we have complied below and a few good links for information to assist our followers. This is also located on our website under Helpful Links page. We say our prayers for all that you are protected, for those who are positive we pray for fast healing!


There is currently NO PROVEN VACCINE to prevent coronavirus disease (COVID-19)! NONE! There are NONE Approved! Do your research online . ( There are cure medications "proven" to work based on Physicians in the field we have conferred with, such as Monoclonal Antibody treatment , Regeneron (per President regiment), Ivermectin, and Hydroxycholoraquine. Check with a physician. Americas Front Line Doctors is a great group to refer to in case you are sick and need help online - telemed. They have been fighting FOR THE PEOPLE. Humanity.


SOME SUGGESTED KEY PREPARATION ITEMS: (and no this does not mean Toilet Paper!)

Alcohol Base Hand sanitizer, 91% Alcohol and Aloe Vera Gel, Good Hand soap, Bleach/Water, Paper Towels to clean surfaces, Lysol or Clorox Wipes or generic, Emergence or Airbourne Vitamin- C to boost your immune systems! Fruits/Vegetables. Water. Juices. Kleenexes. Nebulizer w/Ipotropium (ask your doctor), Over Counter Medications: Mucinex or similar, Tylenol or similar, for Fevers or symptoms that may need to be addressed and controlled. Cough and throat lozenges. Hydrogen Peroxide or Baking Soda.

You can reduce your risk of infection if you: Decontaminate!

Clean hands frequently with alcohol-based hand rub or soap and water.

Cover nose and mouth when coughing and sneezing with tissue or flexed elbow.

Avoid close contact (1 metre or 3 feet) with anyone with cold or flu-like symptoms.

Avoid touching eyes or face if you have touched other public surfaces, shake hands etc. (door handles, counters, phones, pens )

MINIMIZE being in highly populated environments if you have a weak immune system or visiting elderly relatives.

MAIL : WASH Hands after handling any Mail or Shipments / Boxes Before eating. (according to medical personnel)

WIPE down your door handles and surfaces with bleach/water or Lysol type wipes. This would be in Home, Office, computers, and your CAR! Wipe down your CELL phone carefully as well and set aside wash your hands before handling it again.

GAS PUMPS: You REALLY do not want to know how many disgusting germs are on a Gas handle! Just think of this. When filling up use disposable gloves or paper towel when handling or use washable gardening gloves. Wash gloves or place them in a recyclable grocery bag to keep them from contaminating anything else in car.

We hope this newsletter assists everyone to be prepared, vigilant and know with the proper actions this can be controlled and will soon live out its life-span like all other viruses.


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