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What is a Health Advocate?


A Health Advocate could be a family member, friend, or hired professional (like us) who can ask questions, write down information and speak up for you so you can better understand your illness and get the care and resources you need.


Quality "health care" means taking an active role in decisions about your care.  If you're facing difficult medical decisions it is best to have someone with you who can help take an active role.    Maintaining great health and overcoming medical barriers are not one time events in life; it is an ongoing lifestyle choice and constant interaction within the healthcare system today.  


Health Advocates ask questions or identify concerns to your doctor for you; compile or update your medicine list; remember your medication regiment; help arrange transportation; research treatment options, procedures, and assist by filing paperwork to assist with insurance matters.  Our health advocates work with the patients, family members, medical personnel and company representatives to alleviate the process. When one of your employees or a loved one is diagnosed with a serious condition or faces risk of chronic illness, finding the right provider and getting the right care is of utmost importance.  At AHCA, LLC, we provide the necessary resources to understand the condition, provide research, and offer support throughout the cycle of care.


With AHCA, LLC,  you’ll find that our experienced advocates provide leadership, education and guidance to achieve the highest level of performance from healthcare providers, as we advocate for their patients throughout the cycle of care.


Our fundamental approach promotes healthy living while delivering results and improving access to the most advanced levels of care possible. As a result, clients benefit from reduced healthcare costs and an enhanced quality of life.


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Vitality and Health
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