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We believe education is everything!   The more we learn, the better we can take care of our own body and help those we love.      Improving your health takes personal conviction and dedication.  


Here are some health tips/links to guide, where we found information most helpful for certain challenges you may face with better Nutrition and/or diagnosis of a hereditary ailment. 

High Cholesterol - Hereditary Challenge


What to eat if you have Partial Intestinal Blockage Issues

We have researched and tried various regiments to decrease the risk of intestinal blockage especially post surgical procedure.  Key is to maintain a low fiber diet, yet manage your diet accordingly to how you feel.    Our Gut is the "core" to our health, so it is VERY important to promote great Gut Health in order to improve our overall health.   The links below share a great resource guide of information for proper nutrition when you have GI issues. 

By Hamilton Health Sciences:  What to eat when you have partial intestinal blockage

Eating well to Lower Risk of Intestinal Blockage

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