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Healthy Tips


Improving your health takes personal conviction to want that change.  Here are some health tips and resources to guide you on the path to  healthy living.   Please visit our Helpful Links section to view some research items we share that may be of help to navigate on your health journey.  We added a page to share some healthy recipes with you that have been tested and tasteful! 

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Be your own Health Advocate or reach out for help 

Your health and well being are important.  It is vital to have a health advocate with you at your physician appointments, especially if you are dealing with chronic illness.  There are times what a physician says you may not understand, or worse, forget! Bring someone with you.  At time of your visit, ask questions to your physician.  Write things down.  Know you have patient rights! Keep a notebook of your health items and history, bring them with you to appointments to update the physician. Research within your boundaries.  You need to know and research about your health and follow the Care Plan your physician recommends.  If you do not feel comfortable with the Plan, you have a right to a second or more opinions.   You have the right to choose where you want your care to be!

Healthy Eating Improves Health Goals

You know the old saying ... You are what you eat!  Well this stands to be very true.    We suggest you write down a list of the foods you intake daily/weekly.  Evaluate (grade) yourself on how many healthy elements you ingest versus those that have no value to your health or well being.   If you need to, we recommend to color code your food groups.

Eating lots of green vegetables is an enourmous jump start to improve health goals.  Super foods=Green.  Fruits - berries, tree grown fruits are all excellent sources = Red.   

In Tune with your Body, know it's signals. Break habits.

The key is, listen to your body.  It will identify signals to you if something is wrong.  Most humans have a great immune system and if you have tonsils this is another great indicator tool in your body.  If not, other symptoms could arise that you would know are not normal.  If you are in "tune" with your body and it's habits you can avoid possible detrimental illness.   Do not ignore what may seem to you as a simple item, it is worth addressing to your physician and to ask questions.   Also worthy to know is your family health history (genetics) and any predispositions to be aware of and possibly avoid.  Genetics play a large role in the outcome of our being.

Identify what types of foods your body is craving, and FEED it! But of course we speak of nutrition for the body, not fillers like empty carbs and sugars.  Our bodies are designed to absorb vitamins and minerals from FOODS we eat, not live off of Vitamins to supplement everything we do or do not wish to eat. In cases vitamins are necessary as additional supplement when we do not consume enough into our diet, yet the more regimented you can be with your DIET and INTAKE of HEALTHY FOOD GROUPS, the better off you will be!  

Exercise and Meditation is Rejuvination

Meditation and aerobic exercise done together helps reduce depression and stress.  Yoga is excellent!

The benefits of exercise on brain function are not limited to the hippocampus. There is also strong evidence in humans that exercise improves the functions of your prefrontal cortex -- the part of your brain that sits right behind your eyeballs.


Your prefrontal cortex is involved in “executive functions” that include attention, working memory (keeping things in mind), and mental flexibility.


If that isn't enough, we also know that exercise is a great mood booster. In one study it was shown that exercise could be as effective as a commonly used anti-depressant at improving symptoms of major depressive disorder.


Clearly exercise packs a mean punch for all aspects of your health!  Also include a massage or two for rejuvination.

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