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Live Caregiver Radio Show

Upon research we found a great radio show specifically designed for caregivers started and hosted by Linda Burhans.

She has an amazing mission to help caregivers of which there are so many, who need support, guidance and an outlet for information.   We highly recommend to listen to her radio talk show for valuable information. 

Cancer  Q & A



DANGERS of VAPING How To Get Your Young Teens To Stop


Locate Ongoing Clincial trials for cancer etc.

What is Pleural Mesothelioma Cancer?

Fact or Myth: Do Genetically Modified Foods Cause Cancer, Lung Damage & Birth Defects?

Holistic Medicine:

How to Fight Cancer with Diet and Lifestyle :
Fighting Cancer with Diet and Lifestyle

Candida and Cancer: Myth or Real?

Candida Cleanser and Info:

Candida and Cancer Correlation? An Italian Doctor Explains his Clinical Study and Findings:

Cancer Fighting Strategies About PH Balances:

Medical Marijuana - Facts:


Best Treatment Centers Recommended:

Mayo Clinic:

MD Anderson:


Other Medical Conditions / Diagnoses

Pernicious Anemia - more common than you think:

Celiac Disease :


Caregiver Information : 


Through AHCA LLC helping clients since 2014 with Caregiving planning and resources we have provided assistance for loved ones who care for their end stage loved ones at home rather than in hospital or SNF.   We have worked with Life Path and Seasons that was renamed to AccentCare and others.  

Keep in mind Hospice does not always mean they will let your loved one pass or terminate them; they are available for palliative care, support, and to provide resources to help YOU the Caregiver for as long as insurance approves.  

Herein below are contacts for Hospice Services available in the Florida areas. (we will continue to build this list as we research) 

Lifepath Hospice 

1918 S Dale Mabry Hwy, Tampa, FL 33629, United States

1 813 259 1028

AccentCare Hospice & Palliative Care-Hillsborough County

1408 N West Shore Blvd, Tampa, FL 33607, United States

1 855 216 7197

Suncoast Hospice (Pinellas county)

2675 Tampa Rd, Palm Harbor, FL 34684, United States

1 727 467 7423

Chapters Health System

5102 W Linebaugh Ave, Tampa, FL 33624, United States

1 813 440 6020

Helpful Links 


Included are helpful links to information that may assist you in your health navigation and care goals you want or need to reach.

HIPAA Rules Medical Privacy: Know your rights!

Physicians Look Up:

Medical / Health Questions:

iTriage Health

Questions and Health Studies:

INSURANCE OPTIONS (there are not many):

If you want great personal care, we recommend visit Direct Primary Care Providers or Concierge Medicine.  These are Cash only programs, but when you ADD up how much your deductibles are today with Insurance funnels, you will actually SAVE money and LIVE a healthier life! With less Pharma drugs.  

Providers are willing to work with their patients to make it affordable.  

Florida Medicaid and other coverage information:

If you do not have insurance but need it, we recommend you go to a local agent who can assist you with the best option for your case.  Or you may go online to apply for healthcare coverage which you must do by November 15th  in order to have coverage by January 1st!


Free Cancer Camp Outings and Programs:

Pleural Mesothelioma Center

American Cancer Society:

Psych Central

Alzheimer’s/Dementia Association

National Alliance of Mental Health :

Depression and Bipolar Support Alliance:

Tampa Depression and Bipolar support group:

FOODS / HEALTH SUPPLEMENTS:    You are what you eat

Vitamins/Supplements by MD Prescriptives:

Protandim the Nrf2 activator reduces Oxidative Stress:

Gluten Free Living:

Papaya for your health :

Foods for your Health:,,20752367,00.html

Low Carb Fruits:

Out of the Box Therapies : 


Included are helpful links to information that may further assist you in our analysis of alternative options for your health available in the health abyss.   Disclosure: we have not necessarily tried all of the items, we do use most presented,  yet are "sharing" for your discernment of information and research.   These are places/items we have researched by our own team and suggestions from others provided.    We do believe out of the box options are at times, like now, the most beneficial.

Tesla technology therapies:

Pine Needle Tea:

CBD HEALTHY Products made in USA Organic! Hempworx

Muscadine Grape Juice (for immune boosting & improved cardiovascular health!)

Watch Your Diet!: 


Sodium Levels in foods READ LABELS:

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