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 What is a Health Coach?

A Health Coach is best defined as helping patients and their loved ones gain knowledge, skills, tools and confidence to become active participants in their care so they can reach self-identified health goals.


Physicians today are struggling to fit multiple items into 15 minute visits and may not be able to meet every need (you) the patient or family member has.   Half of patients leave the office or hospital not understanding what their doctor just reviewed with them. This would include shared decision making for improved outcomes, adherence to prescribed medications, follow up visits and lifestyle change.

Benefits of a Health Coach

A Health Coach 5 Principle Roles:

  • Encourage patient or caregiver participation

  • Help Patient(s) reach their health specific goals 

  • Educate on disease specific skills for chronic cases

  • Promote behavior change

  • Serve as a patient's liasion

  • Ensure patient(s) understand and agree with their care plan and follow through

  • Provide resources, Facilitate Support, Empower

  • Provide emotional support -- Show compassion

  • Establish trust, provide familiarity and continuity of care

  • Personalized Coaching, Telephonic Coaching

  1. Provide self-management support

  2. Bridge the gap between clinician and patient

  3. Help patients navigate the health care system

  4. Offer emotional support to patient and caregivers

  5. Serve as a continuity figure. Be the COACH!

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