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Testimonials from people we serve... 


First, we like to thank all of our patients and families we have helped through our Health Coaching and Health Advocate programs.   Without your honest input and support AHCA, LLC would not be here to continue their support to the communities we serve.    As always, it is our mission to maintain our knowledgable support to you and your family for life.

If you would like to post a testimonial as we very much appreciate them; please either email us directly or identify in our contact form so we may post this on our site.   Due to compliance measures and to protect identities we prefer to only use your first name, or if you so wish to be anonymous, please indicate as such.

Thank you very much for your help and going the extra mile for me.  I am very grateful.  With your support, I'd like to focus on recovering from this horrible relapse, learn from what has happened over the last year or so and move on with my life with renewed strength.  Through your guidance and support I know I will achieve it.  Thank you again. ~ Daniel

We  approached Cassandra in Tampa Florida on the recommendation of a very good medical Doctor who was treating our son.  We were overseas when he became ill and had no other support there.   Cassandra could not have been more supportive and understanding  to all of us in a very stressful situation.  She was always ready  with advice and help.  The result was that we all came through it successfully and her follow up was excellent.   I have no hesitation in highly  recommending her to anyone needing Health support and other advice.


So glad I came to you for help! Without your guidance I would still be in the same shape with no many thanks.  ~ Shelley

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