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We only share what we believe in!

HempWorx  is Amazing!


With that said, we do suggest the HempWorx Product line as appropriate to your needs. We personally purchase this for our family use.   With much time  invested in research  for "safe" and organic CBD or Hemp products we needed for our family's health and "immune system boost"  we hold much skepticism with the shops on every corner that pop up like a fruit stand, not knowing WHERE did the ingredients come from ? Many we find are imported!  Why... when we grow it here in the USA!


 After a long search we found it!  A TRUE organic option for our best health goals with the HEMPWORX brand made in the USA,  they are  truly amazing!  It has changed our life today. We feel amazing in just a short while drinking the coffee and using the CBD 750 oil!  Of course always consult with your Physician if you have any underlying conditions first!  Even if this is a "natural" alternative or enhancement, it is wise to check first to assure none of your medications would contraindicate.


Coffee Drinkers!!!  We must share that the Hemp-Infused Coffee is one of the AMAZING Products!   Being coffee people and picky, we can attest it is Delicious,  with a great Bold Taste.  WOW and its instant! Will Travel!  You can take it anywhere! 


 From personal use I can attest it TRULY provides clarity in your mind, healthy energy and will keep you going throughout the day with just 1 ONE cup and miraculously sleep better a night!  I also noticed less cravings immediately, and I can sleep like a rock now!  It's really short of a miracle.   

Fresh energy in a delicious cup. For Sure!

  • - Hemp-infused coffee

  • - Keto friendly

  • - Made with Arabica beans and chaga mushroom

  • - 5mg of CBD per cup



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