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Healthy Foods 




Gluten & Sugar Free  zone

We hope you enjoy these Healthy Eating / Food Options we share and Recipes that have been researched & tested for a gluten and sugar cane free diet.  Albeit we do our best to be completely sugar free, there are some gluten free treats that include organic sugar.  Have not experienced glycemic issues with the brands we choose, as long as you eat in moderation.  


Remember you are what you eat.  What we list and show on here is what we eat in moderation, everything should be in moderation no matter how good it is!     


Stay tuned on our Healthy Recipes Page as we are working on updating it with plenty more choice home cooked recipes!

We only share what we try!

Shopping for Gluten Free Items 

PASTA!! NO WORRIES!!!  We have found noodles that are Gluten Free and taste and feel just like the REAL PASTA!!!  Brown Rice or white rice are equally good.  Most grocery stores such as Publix and Winn Dixie carry this brand.  If you cannot find it in the store order it on Amazon!


NATURAL SWEET SNACKS LOW GLUCOSE!!  We found these amazing coconut treats that are light and delectable. We forewarn it may be hard to stop after one, so allow it as a "treat" to perk your buds.    Found these at Costco yet then again, thanks to technology and e-shopping you could research online to find it on the big giant Amazon.


QUENCH THE SWEET BUZZ WITH ZERO CALORIES/SUGAR DRINK!!  This and other brands alike of naturally flavored carbonated water are great for that sweet taste you ask for. For those who cannot drink much wine and want to have the taste yet diluted, this mixed in your favorite red or white wine makes for the perfect wine spritzer!  Specifically the peach versions we have found go best.     This brand is found at walmart stores, yet other stores carry different brands, make sure to find those with zero calories with no sugar!



Gluten - Free Buttermilk Blueberry Pancakes

These are amazingly fluffy and tasty pancakes!  Using Lactose Free milk is optional (for those who are lactose intolerant).   This is easy to make even in a rush. 

1 cup of GF Mix, 1 Egg, 3/4 Cup Milk.  Add 1/2 Cup fresh blue berries once whisked together and cook! 

Enjoy these with Sugar Free Organic Agave Maple Syrup! or whatever your preference is.


Dessert Treats

Molten Chocolate Cup Cakes or Cake - DIVINE!

When we found this and had to try it!  And let me say it is a DIVINE "Treat" for Gluten Free Menus.   This is made with Almond Flour.  Following the directions to bake it is easy, after this we Melt  1/2 (3 cubes) bark of Dark Chocolate (cocoa) only (less to zero sugar content), Add one egg white  and 2 TBSP of butter, melt all ingredients together stir well, then pour on top of the cakes.  Let sit and cool for at least 30 minutes.   ENJOY!


Health Support

Immune Booster -Bone Broth

Recently we found this Organic Bone Broth at Costco which tastes even better than making it at home.  It has very good ingredients in this to boost your immune system.  Have a small cup each day when you're feeling under the weather or just need to give your body immune support!  


Promote Growth for Bone, Joints, Skin, Hair etc.

We have researched many products available when it comes to Collagen powders.   Through actual use (our own use tests) we have found excellent results with this brand of Collagen Powder and highly recommend it.   Other powders attempted do not dissolve well in Hot tea or coffee, this one dissolves very well in all your beverages or shakes.   


This really helps with Joint and Bone support while promoting hair, skin and nail growth, all elements that Collagen are so important for our body.   As we age, our body does not produce enough collagen and we may not have enough intake of foods to support it in our systems, therefore it is highly recommended to try this if you suffer from any of the above ailments.   


Give it a try!  This product can be found at Local Nutrition Marts or Health Food stores, Amazon(although its higher in cost),  Costco will sometimes carry it in bulk.


Support your GI  (Gastrointestinal) Health

Do you have problems with Acid Reflux or inflammation in your gut?  Do you take a lot of Antacids to control your symptoms?  If you research more, you'll find that most antacids used for a prolonged period of time are not good for your body, especially women!   Quite a few medications may cause Bone Density reduction. As what we found out by some patients.

There is however an alternative to using the Antacid medications you can "try" that we have found has worked very well in support of GERD and gut inflammation.   

Try Aloe Vera Juice.  It really works!!  Have about a 2 oz shot glass of Aloe Juice prior to eating breakfast or dinner, on an empty stomach.  It is available in most stores today.  The brand identified here we have found is Organic and available in most grocery and some health food stores and what we recommend.     Aloe is by its naturally known elements, a healing agent.  Imagine what this does for your GI!


In our research we recommend to buy Aloe Vera Juice or Gel in GLASS containers not plastic.  The flavor is not much to brag about, yet way better coming from a Glass container rather than plastic.  

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