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The 2021 Health Outlook Boost Your Body !

Hello to all our readers, as it is well noticed it has been a very busy time for all of us, and our apologies for untimely updates or newsletters. I believe in our crazy 12 months plus we are all dropping everything to run and help others! This has kept us busy.

Here we are in our best time of year, Spring! Everything is blooming, we are all sneezing, people are still worrying about the COVID crisis. Good news is we are having more sunshine, rain to wash away the dust and pollen we all have been sneezing about and summer is on the way! By all seasonal and typical years, usually our viruses die off with more sunlight and heat. As such should be the case now. We have seen cases dropping (to no surprise) but it is more due to the cyclical nature of all "bugs" bacteria that loom around us each year. Whether it be the common cold, allergies grown into upper respiratory or the FLU bugs and the now Hybrid Flu bug Coronavirus. Still question that one a lot! One thing I will share based on hours of research online and reading as well as conferring with physicians we know, it is NOT the most advisable thing to wear a mask as it will have adverse affects on your health and immune system of which may increase your risks to anything later on you may be exposed to. Your immune system will not know what it needs to fight off, as the memory of daily elements arriving in your system will diminish. This is just plain common sense! We do agree there is a time and place to wear a mask such as when you're in a germ infested building like a hospital or if you do not wish to transfer anything to your weak elderly or ill, or if you are sick with a bug and will be respectful of others to keep it to yourself (in this case just stay home!). For the average healthy daily person and children this is truly unnecessary, way far out there to reach and demand people suffocate their minds daily with a mask on especially in the heat. It's just plain ridiculous! No common sense. If you go online to research it is amazing how much you can find to validate this information.

On the note to boost your immune system, protect yourself and family as well feel better, we have found a great product line by HempWorx which offers an array of organic Hemp and CBD products to support our health missions. Hemp is a known immune booster and healing agent! Vitamin D3 and Zinc are also key immune support, yet Hemp has been around for hundreds of years, although it was suppressed by big Pharma for so long people were brainwashed to believe it was bad while on the contrary, it NEVER was!!

We have tried the HempWorx products and can state without a doubt they work and we have seen amazing differences. We have GI and pain issues and this has made an amazing difference within days! To answer a question: Don't you get high or feel funny when using CBD or HEMP products it? NO! Most of these products have no THC or little depending on what needs are and the rest goes by your State laws. For sleep, a little THC helps, for regular daily activities and health you should not require it. There is a science to all of this and after I delve into more research to explain and share with "newbies" about the "Hemp world" because I'll say, it's a world in itself; I'll write another article to highlight key points for easy understanding.

In summary all the Hemp products are great for health and DO make a difference! I feel on top of the world since I started drinking the Coffee! I was pleasantly surprised and shocked at the same time when I noticed the great affect it had on me. I feel like I can tackle anything now! No Brain Fog, tiredness, cravings or pain and I sleep better too. I have been using as well the CBD Tincture oil that I feel enhances the great affects this has on my body. After so long I have finally found my Synergy and so thrilled to share it!

For anyone struggling with weight gain due to recent events, stress, worry etc. You are only harming yourself more than others if you just give up. Persevere! Set your Goals! Know there IS Light at the end of the long tunnel we are riding through. You CAN Lose weight, You CAN be healthy! Have the WILL to do it, make positive changes in your life, SEE your goals come to fruition. MANIFEST good all around you by positive and optimistic thoughts. Stick to a healthy organic diet, Exercise or Yoga, Meditate daily, stay away from fast foods, sodas, etc. Feed your soul and body the nourishment it needs to accomplish the GOALS you have set in life and your future.

You and everyone positive around you will prevail! Have FAITH! FAITH and having NO FEAR in anything we do or face IS the key to survival and happiness. Peace, Love and Light!


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