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A Cure for Cancer without BIG PHARMA having been Suppressed for 40 years! Must see Video.

by Leonard

Recent years of research has PROVEN alternative treatments to cancer. Simply said, as I write this article I am a survivor 29 years of an aggressive cancer Stage 3 Adenocarcinoma. How did I get this disease? My in depth research proved it was NOT GENETIC! It was elemental and toxic driven. In our foods, vaccines etc. If you do your own "research" look at what all the elements are inside a vaccine. For instance, the Flu vaccine contains "adenovirus". I had one Flu Vaccine (by total mistake) prior to my diagnosis of cancer. I blame the vaccine for the outcomes that changed my life forever, whereas I could not have children. I can say I do know a bit about the subject having been in the situation. Much of what I say here is my personal experience and opinion and proof coming out today of my beliefs for 29 years. It's highly recommended to viewers, RESEARCH and find other means to help your body and assure you have optimal health rather than subjecting your already compromised immune system to "poisons" that will eventually eliminate you. An exception to this rule is what we have available today with Immunotherapy treatments, whereas this is a treatment used to engage your own immune system! Now that makes more sense, right? Drugs will not cure you. It's just a band aid that may last a long time, but eventually there will be adverse side effects.

Historically, big PHARMA which is highly corrupt, was a "wheel" or "mechanism" designed to control humanity on a whole other level through time. It is a MONEY making scheme. Only a few top level owners have profited the most out of this and then the rings of the ladder continue downward to the little people who profit from it as well. The known corrupt and controlling person was Rockefeller and his family, the oil tyrant. Medicine changed no thanks to him in his corrupt plan to change medicine as it was all "organic" in the 1800's and before. None of HIS and other Elites (Rothschilds) plans were to help humanity, you would be so naive to think so! It was all for Power, Money, Greed, Control, and many more horrific plans they had in store for humanity, to slowly kill us off, diminish population, control us and genetics over time. Rockefeller along with some bought and paid for scientists created the AMA (American Medical Association) , look up the history. They did this to instill REGULATIONS on doctors who practiced "alternative" medicine, i.e. holistic, organic ways to heal people and keep them healthy and the actual "cures" to diseases that would appear, which were not many back then! Oh, that was not good for the "big agenda" in Rockefeller, Rothschilds and company eyes i.e. the elitist governments US Inc. and Britain included. They designed this in such way that if doctors did not use the medicines Rockefeller and companies helped start (BIG PHARMA), were found to practice alternative medicines, they would lose their medical licenses or be shut down some other way and be labeled "quacks" assuredly by all associations to deter people.

Thus...time rolls on and people conformed to the new way and reformulation of society as it once was they allowed it. Medical school changed, was taken over by the elitists via universities and colleges to Indoctrinate young medical students into an entirely new way of thinking and practice of medicine. This we noticed exponentially changed in the 20th century. Humanity was SOL with exception of finding some great doctors who knew better and researched ethically and found positive ways to treat MANY illnesses without need for DRUGS to save humanity! I commend every single doctor and researcher who has done so. You will be noble peace prize winners!

We know without a doubt drugs have become an epidemic. This was all part of the design of this "machine". A well "oiled" machine I may add, no punt intended, OIL being the baseline of ALL drugs. Petroleum, who makes all that money? Of course! The oil barons, Rockefeller and company. Many crimes against humanity have been committed for years in many ways, and we hope very soon they will ALL be held accountable for their crimes in Hague! There is SO MUCH evidence now in everyones face. This includes all complicit doctors and hospitals who improperly treated patients for the recent planned virus and all that came with that was created by gain of function research funded by US Inc. with tax payer dollars $$ and run in a lab in another country! Humanity paid for their own demise for big Pharma & government to gain more $$ Money! Who wins? The top people only, not you! Look them up on the NYS. BlackRock and Vanguard. 2 owned coincidentally by Rockefeller's, Rothschilds and only a few others. Thats too much power people. Research it!

Below is a video link with valuable information just released from a doctor who was suppressed yet has broken through the barriers to share his information with the world! Education is POWER! This I share because I personally know other than myself who never had pharmacological treatment of my cancer nor did my family members who were subjected to it; I know someone close who recently battled cancer holistically and through alternative means BEAT IT at stage 4! There is 100% Truth there are organic / holistic better ways for your body to be healed, many treatments available out there holistically if that is the choice you wish to take! Cannabis is one of those great Earthly treatments. Energy and vibrational energies are of most importance in your healing process. We will share more information on this later along with connections to help you find resources for healing.

Today we feel it is important to share this video on Dr. Stanislaw Burzynski who is a known bio-chemist curing patients with cancer! This information has been suppressed for 40 years. This video will compel you to understand so much more! Suppression of Healing is what I call this journey. Enjoy the video and we will post much more information soon! Blessings.



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