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About us



We appreciate your interest in the Association of Health Coaching and Advocates, LLC. Our company is a Central Florida based company that offers conceirge health care coaching/advocacy services to our referred clientele.  Our certified professionals have personal experience that relate to any situation to help you and your family navigate towards a healthier quality of life.

How the Company began

The AHCA, LLC company was founded by an 26 year Stage III cancer survivor who is a Certified Health Coach and entrepreneur having over 28 years corporate and clinical health care experience.  Being a patient and caregiver to her own family, the founder realized there has been a lack of, and need for health care support, education and guidance especially in today's ever changing busy healthcare world.  


"People need support and knowledge for better health and wellness, navigation through medicine, and advocacy to understand goals or instructions".  Due to increasing demands in the healthcare industry, Physicians today do not necessarily have the extra time to spend with patients; this is where a Health Coach or Advocate plays a very important role.  To bridge the gaps and be the communication line.

Association of Health Coaching and Adovcates, LLC (AHCA, LLC)

has been providing health coaching and advocacy services to people throughout Florida and other states, by guiding patients and family members toward improved health and care.  AHCA, LLC has the support of licensed medical professionals for the evaluation of certain medical conditions and works in conjunction with your personal health care provider to assure the continuity of care for your personal plan.   ​If you are a long distance relative and have a loved one residing in Florida; AHCA, LLC may be the right answer for you, to assure your loved one is in the best hands, receiving proper care, and following the physicians plan of care for their specific health needs.

​Our Statement

The mission of the Association of Health Coaching and Advocates, LLC is to provide professional, licensed, educated healthcare support , coaching and advocacy services for patients and family members to reach their goals for improved health and quality of life.

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