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Your End of Life Plan, is it done?

End of life plans are not always something we think about in our busy lives, or we avoid it with the insecurity of stating we are giving in. That is normal, but not a good plan. Planning for your end of life is just a matter of "being prepared ahead of time". This is especially important if you have children or loved ones you want to assure are taken care of in the event you should suddenly pass to the beyond.

The reason I am writing about this today is through recent experiences from people I personally had to assist with "last minute" details. It truly is much more stressful for your loved one who is supporting you if YOU are the one with a terminal diagnosis, keep that in mind. His/Her emotions are in a whirlwind solely thinking about you, the patient (respectively) to assure you are properly cared for, not in pain, keeping up the fight whatever that may be. While your pain may be gone soon, theirs has just begun. There are the after event details to plan and take care of and if you are a last minute person, this would not be one of those times to do it last minute! Your family members or loved ones continue through the pain, healing and events that occur thereafter.

I urge anyone healthy or not healthy, to PLAN AHEAD for your end of life experience. Here are just a few recommendations I'll share or you can easily visit our End of Life Checklist page for the list of items to attend to. Keep in mind, there is nothing wrong with planning for your end of life, if you love your loved ones, make life easier for them by taking care of business.

It is recommended to visit a trust attorney if you have a large estate, assure everything you own is included in the trust because this is a living being after you are gone. This is your "estate planning". Start making a list of all things you own, keep a simple ledger and include it in your trust documents. This includes your last will and testament and health surrogate /power of attorney information etc. Everything and anything you can think of!

Did you know that your Power of Attorney dies with you after you are gone? Yes, once you are gone it is attached to you. So if all you have done is complete a POA, you are NOT prepared.

If you cannot afford an attorney, there are options online were you can create your papers necessary for Last Will and Testament, Healthcare Surrogate, Power of Attorney, Living Will etc. or have a State Official such as a Notary Public assist you. The Notary legally can witness your documents, assist and sign with proper witnesses and it will stand as a legal document.

But, keep in mind one important item - your financials, bank accounts, annuities etc. Make sure you have contacted the companies directly and provided them your beneficiary information. Your beneficiary is the choice person(s) you will allow total access to your bank accounts etc. after you have passed, if this person is not joint on your account (be sure to identify is your joint account and/or, there is a difference legally). This person does not need to know this if you want to keep this secret until you are gone, but DO include it in your last will and testament so the individual(s) know your wishes clearly and what banks/accounts you have. I hope this update assists you in your planning process.

For more information and the check list please visit our End of Life Checklist Page.

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