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Wonder how you should eat with a busy life cycle?

We all know the old saying...." you are what you eat ". So why do so many forget that simple analogy? Most likely because most have busy lives, we are always on the run, meeting deadlines, late for work, running to a meeting....I could go on. But STOP for a minute and think... what are you feeding your body while all the elements of life are going on? Most of us are guilty of making those "quick fast food" stops to just quench our hunger or thirst. Essentially, Life Happens!

There is no magic to the answer to this question: How do we work around this cycle of habits we engage through our schedules?

HABIT is the key word here. What we essentially accustom our body to on the run habits we behaviorally form. Oh my I need energy! I'll just stop for some coffee or grab a cola, maybe some french fries and a burger to keep me running. What you are really doing is just feeding the habit you arleady started, your body is craving sugar, carbs, anything that has no nutritional value just so ....IT CAN RUN at your pace. So here is a thought...why not create a new habit for your body to maintain better or great health?

Do you know that when you microwave your food that you are killing all the nutritional value in that food? YES, It's true. Research it. We do need a way to re-heat our left overs, which is fine so we do it anyway, but realize you get most of your nutrition in that first meal you freshly cooked on the stove! So try to make meals when on the go that you can quickly heat or need no heat at all! Like a tuna fish salad, Chicken Salad, Salad or raw vegetables. Just look up recipes that require cool rather than hot. It's easier to have a mini cooler than a way to heat. Bring plenty of water bottles with you. Water is the best for your body of course. Hydration! What do soda's do? Dehydrate you, there is no value to them. Tastes good, but full of chemicals and sugar. Green Tea freshly brewed is an excellent source of energy and helps with weight maintenance. Teas are made with water, so if you need that caffeine boost, try that rather than a soda. Fruit juices are also a healthy support system.

Here is a thought for your health/body...if you owned a Ferrari would you put premium high octane fuel in, or lowest octane cheap gas which will clog up the entire engine and eventually blow the motor? Your body is the same way! So why do that to yourself. Being healthy is simple. Stick to the basics and treat your body as you would you brand new Ferrari.

So what do you do with a busy schedule...First familiarize yourself with the diet YOU should be on. Every individual is different, our bodies require different enzymes, vitamins etc. Determine what makes you feel invigorated when you eat! Leave out the carbs and sweets for a moment. There are a variety of recipes and items available on the internet today; find those meals even if you're not a good cook that will be easy to pull together. Vegetables do not require much, steaming them is the best way to cook or those edible raw ones are great for snacks. Grilling is an excellent way to prepare a tasty protein treat. Again, you don't have to be a great cook to throw a piece of chicken or meat on the grill. Although, if you're accident prone, safety would be an important. Grill carefully. View our links page for what meat temperatures should be when grilling, baking or broiling.

It is recommended to give your body the continued fuel it needs and to stay in great heart healthy shape; eat small portions at least 5 times a day. Breakfast, Snack,Lunch, Snack, Dinner. It is best to not eat late at night and then go to bed. First, your body has no way to burn off the fuel it just received, with fats included; second, it may keep you up all night therefore reducing sleep pattern! The key to weight maintenance other than "exercise" is to keep your metabolism going. Eating in intervals keeps your gastric juices flowing, therefore boosting your metabolism...increasing your energy and adding to your better health goals.

The Paleo diet is a great recommended diet plan, there are so many options. The key to help your body maintain its optimal health is to reduce the carb and sugar intake. It does take will power to curb those cravings, yet it can be done especially when your health depends on it. There are a variety of ways to eat healthy on the go. Prepare your days in advance as if you were going on a big trip, cook ahead on the weekends or days off. For those business professionals who travel on the go and have to eat out more often, CHOICE is your advocate to eating. Choose wisely what you should eat and what is best for your long term health goal to keep that engine going strong. Instead of having that craving hamburger with buns, have it without the bread (carbs). It's just as tasty! Instead of Fried chicken that we all love (alot of fat and calories) order Grilled Chicken. Have a Chicken Cesar Salad! These are just two examples. Simple adjustments to HOW you eat and WHAT you eat are what will help you stay healthy while on the run.

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