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Education/Family Care Plans


At AHCA, LLC our professionals provide education to the patient(s) and family members based on the diagnosis and/or plan of care designated by the physician(s).


What we do to assure a patient and the family are prepared for the health care process:


  • Research the diagnosis or condition, 

  • Review the health or recovery plan with the health care team members,

  • Assure the proper health education is provided at a layman level of understanding to the patient and family,

  • Provide continued guidance/support in intervals (weekly/monthly) as required by care level and health goals to be reached while referring back to the clinicians in process, 

  • Maintain goal and progress reports on the patient(s), provide to the physician(s) as requested by EHR. 

  • Provide support to ensure your legal affairs are in order - end of life preparation (we recommend you see a family law attorney).

Are you Prepared for End of Life at any given any Age? 


Just because you are preparing for end of life, whether you have children or not, does not mean you are going to pass or write your ticket out early.  This is a matter of good practice to be pro-active and plan ahead.  This is especially vital if you have family members to support or an abundance of assets!   


We recommend you do not delay on this process as when it's too late,  it's just that...too late!   Your family members are the ones who will suffer with endless court battles due to all your estate items (belongings, bank accounts, savings, retirement, bonds, investments etc.) that can be drug through probate court and essentially be lost to the state.    Ask yourself, do you really want this for your loved ones?   Life can be over in a blink of an eye due to various causes whether natural or otherwise.  

Click on the button below to review a summary checklist of items we have created to keep in mind as a great resource of information.

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