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 Check list for End of Life Preparation:  


Identified below is a list of the common check list items that are important to have in order which are required legal items:

Advanced Directives:

      Health Care Power of Attorney and selected Health Care Proxy (Surrogate)

      POLST (Physician Orders for Life Sustaining Treatment)

      DNR (Do not Resuscitate order)

      DNI (Do not Intubate order)

      DNH (Do not Hospitalize order)

      Living Will - for Health Care Proxy to have with Advanced Directives included (up to date)

Family Trust or Estate Plan ( make sure it is up to date!)

Will and Testament (up to date)

Executed Financial Power of Attorney

Important : for bank account access you personally must visit your bank manager to designate  the beneficiary you wish to have POD of your finances /accounts in the event of your death. This is kept on bank files, the individual does not need to know he/she is listed.  This is important as a Will is NOT good enough, the account would go to probate. This may apply for any financial or investment accounts so please assure you have your beneficiaries listed on all financial documents.


Life insurance or death benefit policy  (Helps pay for after death expenses)

Long term care policy, disability policy

Verify with your life insurance company (if you have) sometimes there is a pay out in advance of death for terminal diseases.

Bucket List Items

If you know it will be near your time or your loved one's, it would be good to review your  bucket list items to do!   Take your trip you've always wanted to go on, do something you've always wanted to accomplish.  Plan your legacy for family and friends.  Like with any disease it is your decision as a patient on what you choose to do for your health and how you want to do it, within reason of course. We suggest especially for those family or friends you may not see often, film a video and have it in place someone can locate (leave directions) for when you move on to a better place ALL can hear and see your last words for closure.   Assuring ALL your wishes are met.

CAREGIVERS:  Here is a site we recommend for review should you need to prepare for end of life events for you or your loved one, in addition to support available:

Will and Testament
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