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Health Navigation


One question, how do we navigate through the ever-changing health care processes?  For most patient's and families this can become a cumbersome process, especially for geriatric patients.  This is where a Health Advocate is a valuable resource.  


Many health care agencies and hospitals have processes in place to include Nurse Navigators, Chronic Care management, Transitional Care Management teams. The need arises for most patient's and families to maintain that continuum of improved health/care and navigation "after" a certain "authorized period of time", it is the in between cracks that need filling.  

How often does it happen that you visit a physician's office and so much information is shared, half of what you may not understand, is provided?  


You end up leaving that office with many questions unanswered, or you forgot half  (50%) of what the Physician reviewed because your mind was still on the first sentence.  It happens to all of us!  Young or old.  


This is where a Health Advocate is vital to your care process!  Your health advocate will take notes, ask pertinent questions regarding your health needs, and navigate you through the proper avenues by research and validation.


Your Health Advocate, fills that crack to help patients/families maintain their health plan objectives, coaching along the way, and assist with guidance/navigation throughout the health care process.

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