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Health & Wellness Coaching



Being a Health coach takes understanding and experience to know what our clients are going through.  We "listen" to what a patient or family member has to say and subsequently formulate a program that is specifically designed to meet "your needs" and "health goals". 


So how did Health Coaching start?   Actually, it has technically been around a very long time, yet how it was applied and by whom is what has changed.

You remember the days when you could visit your hometown doctor and he/she would sit with you and discuss in length, 30 minutes, maybe an hour to determine what your best health goal options are to maintain that healthy lifestyle and adhere to what he/she wanted you to do?


Since healthcare in the past 10 years has changed, so has the role of our doctors.  They have much more pressure to see as many patients they can in a day in order to stay afloat!  Our healthcare system has changed dramatically not allowing the physicians to spend the time patient/clients need.   This is where your Health Coach and Advocate comes in, to be the listener and problem solver aligned with your physician.  We are here to support both sides, most importantly, YOU the patient/client so you can  stay on course and maximize your efforts to reach your Health Goals and understand them!   We become the liason between you and your physician to assure you are meeting necessary health measures to stay healthy!


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